Welcome to the St Ives Pistol Club website.

The Club has been in continuous operation since it was founded in 1962. An early plan for the location of the Club was in the underground car park of the old St Ives shopping centre. This proved to be impractical so, after a thorough search of the area, in August 1964 the Club was established at its current site which was then a fully working brick clay quarry. Initially, to accommodate us, the shooting had to be carried out each weekend in a different part of the quarry depending on where the excavation machinery was working!

The original club-house was an old double-decker bus; the comprehensive facility which now stands on the site is a result of the hard work of Club members who physically built it with the help of NSW Government grants over the years. Further upgrades of range facilities are currently underway.

Club membership is now approaching the 400 mark and our junior membership is growing every year. The Club still has members who joined back in the 1960s and we have many members of over 20 years standing.

The Club had its 50th anniversary at the current site in August 2014.

The major celebration of this milestone was the very successful National Action Championships held at SIPC in October 2014.

The final celebrations were our annual RFDS Charity Shoot and Club BBQ dinner in December 2014.

The Club offers a comprehensive range of shooting styles from the Olympic disciplines through IPSC and Service Pistol to the romance of Black Powder. All of the disciplines are shot in match form and all are graded matches which allow for shooters of differing abilities to compete against each other within their grade. It also means that our newest shooters can compete alongside our most experienced and can get a real feel for "how it's done".

St Ives Pistol Club members are encouraged to participate in competitions at Club, State, National and International levels. Club members are actively involved in competition shooting with other clubs and our members travel throughout Sydney, NSW, Australia and overseas to compete. Indeed our membership boasts a number of past and present State Champions in various disciplines.

We have an excellent induction program and a very experienced team of coaches to help new members get a great start and to get the best out of this great sport of ours.

Over the next 12 months at SIPC

February 2017 - New member intake 1

March 2017 - Range E works scheduled for completion

May 2017 - New member intake 2

June 2017 - CMPC Open Standard Championships, with Centrefire and Sport

July 2017 - St Ives Cup Handicap Teams and Individual Sport Match

August 2017 - New member intake 3

August 2017 - Club Championships

October 2017 - CMPC Open Centrefire and Sport Championships, with Air