COVID restrictions impacting new member intakes New member applications will be accepted but intakes will not be confirmed

Joining the Club

If you are interested in joining the club please contact
the Membership Officer via email in the first instance.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Safety requirements all Applicants MUST be able to Speak, Read and Comprehend English.

Applicants who do not already hold a NSW Cat. H pistol License are introduced to the Club through a training program lasting three months. There are three intakes each year, in February, May and August. Unlicensed Applicants must read all of this page and all other pages under the website heading "Join", only then should they proceed to the "Apply Online" page to begin the process.


Applicants who already hold a NSW Cat H license may download the Membership Application Form (PDF) here. (Only download this application here if you already have a Cat H license). All applications both for Licensed and Unlicensed applicants must include two written personal character references from people over the age of 18, who have known you for at least two years - NOT people you work with or close relatives.

Each reference must be addressed to St Ives Pistol Club and not "to whom it may concern".

Each reference must affirm the applicant is of good character and contain the statement "I understand he/she (as applicable) wishes to join the St Ives Pistol Club to obtain a Firearms Licence"

Each reference must contain the home address and after hours contact phone number for the reference writer as they will be contacted.

Please bring your completed Application Form, the written character references and a nonrefundable Application Fee of $100.00 (for Unlicensed) or $150 (for Licensed), in cash, to the Club facility at St Ives on any non-public holiday Saturday, by prior arrangement with the membership Officer.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Safety requirements all Applicants MUST be able to Speak, Read and Comprehend English. Applicants may be required to undergo a basic English language test; by lodging an application you acknowledge and agree to a test being conducted and that the results must be to the St Ives Pistol Club's sole satisfaction for any application to be accepted.

Applications for membership are not automatically accepted. Applicants must be of good character and reputation, and either hold or be eligible to hold a Firearms Licence. NSW Police do not usually grant a licence where the applicant has a prior criminal conviction or is the subject of any order relating to violence or firearms.

You will need to have been in contact with our Membership Officer via the "Apply Online" page and had your paperwork approved, be confirmed for an Intake, paid all fees before attending the Intake Induction Night.  There are strictly limited slots available in each intake; if you should turn up to an Induction night without prior approval of your application etc., you will NOT be accepted for that intake.

Time Commitment

The 3 month Training Program for Unlicensed Applicants involves a commitment to attend three Full Day Sunday Seminars,  AND attendance for seven separate Saturdays (appx. 2 hours each) for pistol practice sessions and complete matches. The Seminar dates and most of the practice sessions are set dates/times, there is very little flexibility within the Training Program. If this will be difficult for you to commit to, due to work, study or family commitments - please consider very carefully whether you will be able to complete the course of training required. The club's approval is needed to get a full pistol license.

Restrictions on the granting of Firearms Licenses

The NSW Firearms Registry (FAR) enforces a variety of reasons for refusing the granting of a firearms license. These include any offences relating to drugs, violence or firearms. Refer to NSW FAR FAQ for more details.

If you are subject to any of these then you will not be granted a license and so there is no point in you seeking to join the Club and going through the induction process. If you are not sure, then contact FAR in the first instance to enquire about your eligibility.

Membership Fees

Membership fees for new members must be paid prior to or at the induction night.


Juniors are accepted from 12 years of age provided they have parental approval and will be adequately supervised. The Membership Application Form includes a Parental Consent Form which must be completed and signed by a parent or guardian if a junior is applying

Transferring from another club

Members of other pistol clubs in NSW, interstate or overseas may be accepted into the Club without having to complete the training program. However, all new members must undergo a safety & proficiency test prior to being permitted to shoot. Please see the website page "Membership Fees". Please contact the Membership Officer for further details and an appointment.