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You must be able to speak, read, write and understand English to undertake this course - this is a mandated Safety Requirement.

Before you apply please make sure you have read and understood all the pages in this Join section. 

This application is for people new to the sport of pistol shooting. If you hold a Category H Firearms License and want to transfer to St Ives Pistol Club please contact the Membership Officer via email.

Applicants must be Australian Citizens or if Foriegn Nationals must have held a Permanent Residency Visa for 5 years to obtain membership ( Proof of residency & period must be supplied at interview )

After you submit your Membership Application you will be required to attend the Club on a Saturday morning for an interview with the Membership Officer. After your Application has been processed you will be notified via email of the date and time of your Interview.

If you have any criminal history or an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO or ADVO) you must contact the NSW Firearms Registry (FAR) prior to making any membership application with this club. FAR should be able to advise you on the possibilities of obtaining a Category H Firearms License.
Please check the website for available new member intakes. Many times all intakes will be shown as "Full". However, people do drop-out and positions are filled by the next in-line. If all intakes are showing "Full" you will be informed at the interview of the latest availability, or you may email the Membership Officer who can give you an indication of the current status.

Applicant Checklist

Applicant Details

You must complete the Applicant Checklist (above) to continue.

All fields are required and please complete a separate form for each applicant.


  1. It is very important to get your information correctly entered as it will pre-fill NSW Police Forms.
  2. Please enter your Given and Last names EXACTLY as they appear on your ID, drivers license or Passport. If you have a Middle name, and it appears on your ID, then you MUST include it.
  3. Your photo should be a Passport style photo - NOT a photo of your ID.
  4. You will need to bring your original photo IDs (drivers licence, passport) to the interview for verification.
  5. When you enter your Name and/or Address etc, you must use Capital Letters in the appropriate place eg.
    Joe Stanley Bloggs
    53 Smith Street
    Smithville 2112
Personal Details
Contact Details
Residential Address
NSW Photo ID
NSW Student Card
NSW A/B Firearms Licence
Sporting Shooters' Association of Australia (SSAA)
Australian passport
How long have you held a Permanent Residency Visa?

Applicants must have held a Permanent Residency Visa for at least 5 years

Proof of your length of residency must be provided to the Membership Officer at your Interview. For exmple utility bill or telephone bill with a date that proves your length of residency


You must provide two (2) referees being Australian Citizens or current member of St Ives Pistol Club that have known you for a minimum of 2 years, who are not younger than eighteen (18) years of age and who are NOT related to you or work for you. In providing these referees you consent to the Committee contacting your referees and confirm that you have obtained their consent for it to do so.

Referee 1
Referee 2
Parent / Guardian Details

Applicants between 12 and 18 years of age require consent from a parent/guardian.