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Visitors from other clubs

Due to the current restriction on clubs and sporting facilities we will not allow

visitors to SIPC from other Clubs.

Licensed members from other Clubs are most welcome at St Ives Pistol Club.

Clubhouse and Canteen

Upon entering the Clubhouse, visitors should register their attendance by swiping their Firearms licence (or other I.D. if they do not shoot) and entering contact details in the tablet immediately inside the door on the left.

If it is a CMPC or other inter-club event, visitors will also need to register, undergo any required gun check, and pay any outstanding match fees.

On an ordinary Club match day, visitors must be invited by an SIPC member, who must be in attendance. A visitor should introduce themselves to the Duty Officer, Range Officer (usually wearing fluro jackets), Committee Member so that they may be directed accordingly.

For ordinary match days a $15 visitors fee is charged. A receipt will be issued following payment. Visitors are limited to a total of 3 visits, they should then decide if they wish to join the club. Each visit requires the SIPC member inviting the Visitor to be in attendance.

Visitor's wishing to participate in an IPSC match are subject to the same conditions for Visitors as mentioned on this page. They must also contact the IPSC Match Director prior to the day to reserve a place in the squad.

Visitors will then be informed about the activities on that day.

A visitor may be supervised on the range so that the Club is satisfied regarding the safe handling of firearms.

Visitors will be asked to provide their firearms license and evidence of their club membership and their NSWAPA Blue Book or SSAA membership card.

Every Range Officer will also ask all shooters to show their firearms license.

Our subsidised canteen operates most Saturdays and competition days. Visitors are most welcome to use this facility.