25m Pistol (Sport)

25m Pistol (Sport)


This match is shot by women at the Summer Olympics, the Commonwealth Games and ISSF World Cups. 

The pistols

Sport pistols with an allowable minimum trigger weight of 1000 grams shooting .22 calibre ammunition from a five-shot magazine. The pistol must fit in a box with a specific size.

Course of fire

The 60-shot match is divided into 30 shots precision with preparation time of 5 minutes and thirty shots rapid-fire with a preparation time of 3 minutes.

The precision, or slow-fire stage, is fired in a six series of five shots, and competitors have five minutes per series.

In the 30-shot rapid-fire stage (sometimes called duelling), competitors shoot rounds of five shots. Three seconds are allotted for each shot, followed by seven seconds of rest. Malfunctions allowed are one per series.

Perfect match score

600 is a perfect score, with 585 being world-class.


Shot every Saturday afternoon with Centrefire Pistol at 12.00pm