25 Yard Service

25 Yard Service


The competition requires a normal set of five rapid-fire turning targets on a 25m range the firing line is actually on the 22.85m [25 yards] with barricades similar to those for Service Pistol, set forward from the 25m line.

The pistols

The pistol, may be a Centre Fire self-loading pistol or Revolver (.30 to .380). It must not be modified in any way or specifically chambered for wad cutters (i.e. target self-loaders).

Only original factory sights are allowed the addition of sight ribs is not permissible. The maximum barrel length is 105 mm for a revolver, 125 mm for a self-loader. Maximum sight radius is firearm specific and max weight is 1250 grams. Only factory grips, or grips of similar profile, are allowed. The trigger pull is a minimum of 1360 grams.

Ammunition of minimum power factor of 60 (that is half the power factor for Service). It is a mild load, e.g. 100grain bullet at 600 fps. Jacketed projectiles are not permitted.

Course of fire

The match consists of 65 shot over four stages. The pistol may be supported with the non-shooting hand in all series except for weak hand section at 10 yards.

All the ammunition for each series is to be carried in your normal clothing pocket, and is to be loaded from the pocket to the pistol (no speed loaders or extra magazines allowed).

An unloaded pistol may be holstered during the loading of the magazine, however each series commences from the ready position, except for the first, where, on command, the pistol is loaded and placed down on the firing line.

  • 25 yards (25 shots)
    Five series of five shots in a total of 210 seconds.
    • 5 shots Prone on target 5 - reload
    • 5 shots Sitting on target 4 - reload
    • 5 shots Kneeling on target 3 - reload
    • 5 shots right side of barricade (pistol in right hand) on target 2 - reload
    • 5 shots left side of barricade (pistol in left hand) on target 1 - unload
  • 25 yards (15 shots)
    Three series of five shots standing clear of the barricade.
    • 3 shots on target 1, and two shots on target 2 in 6 seconds
    • 1 shot on target 2, 2 shots on target 3 and 2 shots on target 4 in 6 seconds
    • 5 shots on target 5 in Centre fire rapid-fire sequence (i.e. targets face 3 seconds, away 7 seconds)
  • 10 yards (15 shots)
    ​​​​​​​Three series of five shots.
    • 5 shots on target 5 in 4 seconds
    • 5 shots on target 4 in 6 seconds. Pistol held in weak hand only
    • 3 shots on target 1 and 2 shots on target 2 in 4 seconds
  • 7 yards (10 shots)
    ​​​​​​​Two series of 5 shots in total of 25 seconds - "unsighted" series (pistol must be held below the point of the shoulder)
    • 5 shots on target 1 - reload - 5 shots on target 2

Perfect score

A perfect score is 650, a score over 615 is good shooting.


Shot every Saturday morning