WA stands for World Association and 1500 is the maximum score that can be shot.

WA1500 is the only Service discipline that has a World Championship. The other Service matches shot in this country have the Australian National Championships as their pinnacle. As in most pistol matches, WA1500 is graded so competitors have the opportunity to shoot against people with similar ability.

The pistols

The match is suited for either revolver or self loading pistols but there are restrictions on specifications regarding length of barrel, trigger pull weight, no optical sights, sighting radius, no compensators etc. Revolvers must be of a minimum calibre of .32 and self loading pistols a minimum of .35. Australian Law prohibits the use of any calibre greater than .38.

WA1500 is a holster match and as such, a Pistol Australia holster qualification is required to fully compete in this match. Holster courses are conducted by training officers of the St Ives Pistol Club and a card of proficiency is issued on completion of the course.

Course of fire

WA1500 is 150 shot course of fire over distances of 7, 15, 25 and 50 yards. The imperial measurements are generally used as the match has evolved from the NRA of America Precision Pistol Course (PPC) rule book.

The match is shot over the distances mentioned using two hands from the positions of prone, sitting, kneeling, free standing and also from the right and left sides of barricades. All courses of fire are timed.


Shot on a four weekly cycle on Saturday and Tuesday mornings from 9.00am